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1.Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London | 中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院

费用:17920 英镑/年
If you meet the entry requirements we will invite you to attend a portfolio review or submit your portfolio digitally. If you currently live in the United Kingdom and applying from within the UK, you will be invited attend a full portfolio review at the college, between January and March. If you are unable to attend the full portfolio review in person, you will be asked to submit a digital portfolio through UAL’s online portfolio review tool. Please note that we do not accept portfolios by post
Your portfolio should demonstrate the following:
•Design development, whether for a college project or in personal work, i.e. designs and design ideas that have originated through personal experience and visual research and progressed through logical stages to a finished design solution. This could be two-dimensional work or made objects;
•Evidence of 3-dimensional work, but not necessarily related to product design;
•The design work included should reflect creative thinking, initiative and personal commitment to a particular project;
•Good drawing and sketching skills.
Stage One
builds your subject knowledge and skills while introducing you to our brand of studio working and integrating you within our community of practice. Through a series of projects you’ll go on to focus on specific product design skills such as computing, 2D and 3D sketching, and workshop skills in wood, metal, and plastics. You also build knowledge of design for manufacture, and intellectual skills in areas like semiotics. The year finishes with a tour of London design studios intended to give you an insight into the breadth of practice labelled product design.
Stage Two
extends your skills and locates you in professional contexts through external briefs provided by industry. Here you get the opportunity to consider and plan your future as a practitioner and to take more responsibility for initiating and managing your own work. You will, for instance, be exploring the relationships between branding and product design, and how ideas from outside of the discipline can be used to explore and inform creative design responses.
Stage Three
provides you with a sustained opportunity to pursue your own agenda through writing and design exploration. This is your chance to bring together creative, intellectual, entrepreneurial and practical capacities developed over the previous two years to forge a product design outcome limited only by the time allocated and your own ambition. The final year closes with a real-world scenario in which you partner an external client to deliver a specific project. Absolut, Body Shop, Habitat, Kodak, Proctor & Gamble and Samsung are among our recent collaborators. This project represents a really useful springboard to professional design practice.


2.Loughborough University | 拉夫堡大学

BA (Hons) Industrial Design and Technology
Year 1
Compulsory Modules:
Design Practice 1 (20 credits)
Design Practice 2 (20 credits)
Design Context (10 credits)
Computing for Designers 1 (10 credits)
Prototyping for Design (20 credits)
Ergonomics for Design (10 credits)
Foundation Technology (20 credits)
Industrial Design Studies 1 (10 credits)
Year 2
Compulsory Modules:
Industrial Design Studies 2 (30 credits)
Year 2 Design Practice (25 credits)
Design Communication (15 credits)
BA Design & Manufacturing Technologies (30 credits)
Optional Modules:
Universal Design (20 credits)
Sustainable Design (20 credits)
Computer-aided Ergonomics (20 credits)
User Experience Design (20 credits)
Physical and Virtual Prototyping in Design (20 credits)
Final year
Compulsory modules:
Industrial Design Studies 3 (20 credits)
Design Research (20 credits)
Final Year Design Practice (60 credits)
Live Projects (10 credits)
Optional Modules:
Universal Design (10 credits)
Computer-aided Ergonomics (10 credits)
User Experience Design (10 credits)
Computer Aided Modelling and Manufacture (10 credits)
The Global Studio (10 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation (10 credits)


3.The University of Edinburgh | 爱丁堡大学

BA Product Design
We require up to ten images of your development/ sketchbook work, up to ten images of your resolved work, and up to five images which demonstrate your influences. Each image can have up to 100 characters of supporting/explanatory text. The five images demonstrating your influences may be images of work or objects which have inspired or influenced your work e.g. people working in the same medium or for the same audience, now or in the past; people interested in the same subject or theme, now or in the past; natural or man-made phenomena, objects, places or events which have inspired or provoked a response.
1st Year
DESI07034 Design Studio 1
DESI07024 Design Research 1
DESI07014 Design Collaboration 1
DESI07012 Design Context 1
2nd Year
DESI08042 Design Studio 2
DESI08032 Design Research 2
DESI08022 Design Collaboration 2
Design Context 2 (choose one from the following)
DESI08051 Visual Narratives
DESI08052 Design & Society
DESI08053 Modernism & After
DESI08054 Issues in Contemporary Cinema
3rd Year (Semester 1)
DESI09072 Design Externality 3 Major
DESI09026 Design Research & Context 3
DESI09051 Design Externality 3 Minor
DESI09026 Design Research & Context 3
plus 20-credit elective
DESI09050 Design Externality 3 Work-Based Placement
DESI09027 Research & Context 3
3rd Year (Semester 2)
DESI09091 Design Externality 3 Major
DESI09030 Design Research & Context 3
DESI09036 Design Externality 3 Minor
DESI09030 Design Research & Context 3
plus 20-credit elective
DESI09085 Design Externality 3 Work-Based Placement
DESI09031 Research & Context 3
4th Year
DESI10042 Design Studio 4
DESI10029 Design Research
DESI10023 Professional Design Practice
DESI10006 Design Context 4


4.The Glasgow School of Art | 格拉斯哥艺术学院

BDes/MDes Product Design(本硕连读)
费用:17200 英镑/年
We are looking for evidence of basic art and design skills and development of ideas in 2D and 3D. This should be evidenced in the images you upload and may be shown in a variety of ways including drawing / painting (analytical / abstract), 2D/3D work, photography / CAD and could be evidenced through sketchbooks, development work and final pieces.
At least 5 out of the 15 images uploaded should show development work i.e. sketchbook pages or development sheets. These should be mainly made up of your own work, we do not want to see lots of secondary source material eg magazine cut outs, photocopies from books.
The remaining 10 images should show a range of work and your abilities and interests; these images may include work in progress, sketchbook pages or final pieces of work. These images, again, should be mainly made up of your own work, we do not want to see lots of secondary source material.
In order to show the development of ideas throughout a project you may wish to show several drawings/pieces of work together within one image; you could do this by photographing several pieces of work together at once or by photographing several pieces individually and using Photoshop (or a similar programme) to combine into one image. This can be particularly useful when trying to show work that cannot be photographed at the same time i.e. a series of pages in a sketchbook.
Communication of work and context.
Ability to communicate the intentions and rationale of the work
Use your Supporting Text to tell about the ideas and sources of inspiration behind the images of work you have selected to submit.
(Please do not use this statement to list the materials used; charcoal, paint, oil pastel etc or the size of the work).
Self motivation.
Evidence of initiative and self-motivated work outside of course work.
You should use your UCAS form and/or Supporting Text to tell us about what you do outside of set coursework, this may be art/design related or more general, for example; fundraising, member of group or club, playing a musical instrument, part time job etc. Supporting images Each one of the 15 uploaded images should contain examples of different work. If you wish to include different angles of the same piece of work or detailed sections please do so within one image.
Before you finally submit your application, check each image to ensure you are happy with the size and level of detail you can see as this will be what admissions staff viewing your application will also see.
Maximum size of 200kb per image
Resolution of images does not need to be more than 72dpi.


5.University of Leeds | 利兹大学

BSc Product Design
Year 1
Visualisation Techniques
Materials Technology
Contextual Studies and Ergonomics
Design Studio 1.2
Basic Electronics for Product Design
Design Studio 1
Year 2
Economics and Management
Design Studio 2
Creativity, Innovation and Shape Systems
Advanced Electronics for Product Design
Year 3
Additive Manufacturing
Design Project
Mechanical Systems
Professional, Portfolio and Industry Awareness

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