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(1) You have been study **** for two years? And you are going to graduate in June? /You have worked as a *** for two years, haven’ you?
(2) How have you improved from the beginning of the course /your work till now? What changes? Tell me something about your course/your school/your work?
(3) Is anyone teaching you Art or helping you?

(4) Select one piece of works which you like best? And why?
(5) Where did you get your inspiration from?
(6) Where do you get the fabric/material?
(7) Have you drawn any pictures which relates to this work?
(8) How long did it take you to make it?
(9) Did you make the real pieces or did you just make them on the computer?
(10) Do you like to get the inspirations from difference places such as movie, theatres, cultures, going to museums, histories?
(11) Take me through your work/portfolio
(12) Please show me the most creative parts of your design.
(13) What medias have you used?

(14) So, in your previous job, you were responsible for marketing management. From your personal statement, I can see you were in charge of advertising and marketing campaign. What role did you play in your team?
(15) Tell me more about the project?
(16) Any difficulties you encountered?How you solved them?
(如需转专业:Why you want to change to…)

(17) Have you researched Our University ?
(18) Do you know what is it like?
(19) Have you visited our city ?
(20) Do you know what is the course talking about?

(21) Can you tell me why you want to study in this city ?
(20) What kind of the difference do you think between our city and your nation?

(21)Which designer/artist do you like best? Why?
(22)Do you know ****(People or Organization)?
(23)Tell me something about your study plan? (research, context, methodology, equipment)(仅限硕士申请)
(24)What do you think MA is about?(仅限硕士申请)

(25)What do you want to be in the future?

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